BookAclassic Guide: Sending a Custom Quote

BookAclassic's instant quote calculator allows customers to calculate and compare rental prices for all vehicles on the platform. But sometimes a customized quote works best for an unconventional booking, or if you want to add extra time or services to an existing booking.

Read below to see the easy steps to send a custom quote to customers through the message feature.

How It Works: Sending a Custom Quote on BookAclassic

When a customer sends a message to your inbox regarding one of your vehicles, a chat opens up, which you can find in your dashboard under the 'Inbox' tab. You can also open such a chat window with a customer by clicking the 'Send Message' button in a booking overview.

On the top right of the chat, you will find the 3 dots, where the drop down menu will show the option of sending a customized quote. Click on 'Send Custom Quote' to enter the details of a custom quote.

Entering the event details and price

Clicking on the 'Send custom quote' button will open a pop up window. You will be prompted to enter some of the details of the booking - type of event, location, timings and price. You can also enter more details of the booking in the 'Notes to the customer'.

The price you enter is the rental price. 'Your profit' is shown below the amount entered (the rental price minus the BookAclassic booking fee). The amount the customer will pay is also shown, which includes our Service Fee. For more information on how quotes are calculated, please visit our Quote Calculations Guide.

Once you have entered all the details, click on 'Send Custom Quote' to send it to the customer.

Confirming a custom quote

Once you have clicked on 'Send Custom Quote', the custom quote will be sent to the customer. They will have to complete the payment in order to confirm the booking. Once they have made the payment, you will be notified of the booking having been confirmed. As soon as a booking is confirmed, you will both have access to each other's contact details to discuss the finer details of the event.

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