BookAclassic Guide: Owner Dashboard

Using Your Dashboard - Updating your Car Profiles


The below guide outlines the way you can navigate your Dasbhoard, edit your vehicle profiles and calendar.

At any time you can access your messages, booking and vehicle information in your dashboard. Log in to your account (top right) to access your dashboard.

Updating your vehicle profiles

In your dashboard "Vehicles" tab, you can see and edit your registered classics. With the "add a vehicle" option there's always room to add another!

Click on any of your cars to see the details of the profile: make sure all the details are correct and that you've uploaded lots of great photos of your vehicle to attract attention.

If you need to update the information: click on 'edit information' to update your listing's information, photos and prices. Check out our How to get more bookings guide for tips on making an eye-catching listing.

Updating your availability

Go to the 'Calendar' tab (circled) to edit your vehicle's calendar with any dates it is unavailable. It's important to make sure your calendar is up to date to avoid receiving bookings on days you or your vehicle is unavailable. When you decline a booking request, your acceptance rate goes down and people will be less likely to book your car as a result.

Click on any day on the calendar to mark a day or period of dates as unavailable. When dates are added, we bump your vehicle to the top of the search and add a "Verified" symbol on your profile!

Inbox and Messages

Customers are able to ask you a few questions ahead of booking your vehicle. When you receive a new message, you'll receive an email notification and you can find your messages by clicking on the "Inbox" tab.

Note: it is not permitted to share contact details via the message feature, as it is against our fair use policy. 

Sending a Custom Quote

If you agree on a price with a customer, you can use the Custom Quote feature to send a quote directly to the customer via your messages.

If you click the 3 dots on the top right corner of the messages with the customer, you can select 'Send Custom Quote' and fill in the details. Once the customer has made the payment, the booking will be confirmed.


All of your bookings and details can be found in your dashboard, under the "Bookings" section. When you receive a new booking request, you can select the link in the notification email, or log into your dashboard to see all of your booking overviews and details in one place.

Dashboard Settings and Account Details

If you need to change your settings, email address, phone number or password, you can do this in your dashboard settings.

Click the top right icon and then "Your Settings" in the drop down menu. You will be able to update your contact information, and selecting the 'Security' tab on the left will allow you to update your email address or password.

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